« Your project its my business »
Miltoni V Patrick, a fervent Artistic Director and an integral part of the MANSA Muzik group, embodies a life marked by creativity and discipline. Born in Kinshasa on June 28, 1973, his heritage permeates his organized character. 

General manager

Patson, once his DJ name and now a stage nickname, has crafted diverse musical expertise through a rich history. Stemming from a father who was an aeronautical civil engineer and a mother who was a headmistress in one of Kinshasa’s top girls’ schools, his discipline draws from strong roots. From stage to music technology, his journey is woven with subtle nuances, spotlighting his strategic acumen. His ability to navigate between creativity and organisation has been honed through a career as a dancer, rapper, choreographer, and producer, all while graduating in business management. Today, Patson stands ready to steer music labels, including MANSA Muzik group, to new horizons, seamlessly blending his passion and professionalism.